Affordable Care Act and Pumping at Work

New moms who need to go back to work after the maternity leave need to be able to continue breastfeeding their babies by pumping at work. According to United Sates department of labor “Affordable Care Act” amended section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) to require employers to provide “reasonable break time for [...]

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Breastfeeding Premature Babies

Almost 1 of every 10 infants born in the United States are premature, or preemies. A premature birth is when a baby is born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. Because they are born too early, preemies weigh much less than full-term babies. They may have health problems because their organs did not have enough time to develop. [...]

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation to provide $1.9M to increase preterm baby breastfeeding

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is providing a three-year grant for $1.9 million to the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, based in Hernando, for a program called "Right! From the Start." Under this program rural mothers whose premature babies are in intensive care will be able to get their breast milk delivered to their babies. [...]

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How To Pump and Store Breast Milk

After months of trying to get my new born to latch, I finally accepted that the only way to make sure my baby is getting the benefits of breast milk was to use a pump to express the milk and feed him with the bottle. The benefits of breast milk to the baby outweighed [...]

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Breast Feeding Premature Babies

Mother's milk is considered best for all babies but especially so for premature babies. These babies are at high risk for infections and mothers milk being rich in antibodies can be extremely beneficial. Some premature babies may not be able to nurse depending on their gestational age but they can be easily fed expressed [...]

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